Bloom membership

A monthly mentorship to help you bloom right where you are and flourish forward.


Discover the clarity in your next season that will build confidence and purpose.

Discover Clarity

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure?  You'll gain clarity of your current landscape and path forward by identifying how your past impacts your present, your core values and passions, and identify seeds of purpose.  Discover clarity and build your confidence!

Conquer what holds you back

How does your self-talk feel to you? An important part of flourishing is knowing the weeds to pull.  You'll identify the tension that is holding you back, and then shift your language and negative stories to a mindset that will help you thrive.

Redesign your next steps

Flourish forward by designing, or redesigning, where you want to go, and who you want to be.  Find your roadmap with weekly content, community, resources, tools, and strategic and personal action steps will help you bloom into colour!

Bloom me with monthly payments of $19.97/month!
Flourish me with a yearly payment of $197.00 - saving me $48.00!

Judy - Member

As an entrepreneur of two successful businesses, I was happy and independent.  Then life happened, and I was in a wheelchair after suffering a stroke. My journey was certainly unexpected and inconvenient, and I found myself needing to assess and revaluate my options.  I knew my journey would be challenging and I was uncertain of even where it would lead. Bloom gives me the mentorship and resources that help me discover not only where I was, but where I want to be.  It gives me direction and focus of my where and why … my GPS to stay on track. I have what I need to be present in the moment and to show up every day as my very best me.

Lynda - Member

After working in health care for over 34 years, and as a new empty nester,  I found myself entering a new phase of life.  My new seasons had me looking for the self-discovery of understanding my purpose, and making sure it aligned with the work I wanted to do.  As I launched into the next phase of life, Bloom helped me dig into limiting beliefs and negative stories that had dictated my choices in previous stages of my life.  So many of them were based on shame and emotion, not on who I am. With weekly content that inspires and pushes me, Bloom helps me discover new confidence, and eliminate the noise so I can live in clarity and alignment of purpose.


Your gardening tools include weekly content

that will include:

*topical videos

*laser coaching

*expert interviews

*resources & tools

*worksheets & templates



*live Q&As

You will have everything you need to grow day by day into a woman living by intentional purpose, with clarity and confidence!

Be part of a membership that will help you be stronger together!

How do I know if Bloom is for me?


Bloom membership is for you if:


* You are in, or coming up to a new season in life, and just not sure what that will look like, or how you even want it to look.

*You are overwhelmed and exhausted trying to do it all as you figure out what "it all" is.

*It's time for a change, and you are looking to identify the things that align with what is most important to you, and will make a difference in your world.

*The last few years have left you wanting to find the clarity of what is next and how to live it with confidence and purpose.

*You know you were made for more but that makes you feel uncertain and unsettled.

*You know that change and growth is a journey and you want to build the framework of consistent confidence and momentum.


Bloom "mentorship" is a  monthly membership that will give you the path, landscape, and compass you have been looking for.  It was designed for you, to help you bloom right here where you are, but give you the tools to thrive and flourish forward.


Bloom membership

Move from where you are to where you want to be.

Yes! I want to bloom! Sign me up at the monthly payment of $19.97/month.
I'm in! Sign me up at the yearly payment of $197.00/year - saving me $48.18!