What do you see?

August 13, 2019

Janice Stone

What do you see?

Take a close look at the picture.  What do you see?  

When I first saw this illustration, I saw the black dot.  What stood out to me was that which was most visible.  The sad thing is, it is only 1% of the picture.  I had missed 99%of the picture.

Although the black dot stands out, it is far from the whole picture.  Such a simple but perfect illustration of how we tend to look at things in our lives and it was a big wake up call to me.

What do you tend to look at?  Do you see the black dot or do you see the white background in the picture?

This is a powerful reminder of purpose and that it is how we see things that matter.  We are each divinely unique and we see things through who we are.  The picture isn’t what is important, but rather what we see when we look at the picture.

Identifying our purpose and knowing our why helps us to see the things that matter.  It gives us the clarity, confidence, and passion to live it forward through the eyes of who we were made to be.

I have heard it powerfully said, “If you don’t know your purpose, you can’t lead from or live from it.”

This week too often I saw things through a very narrow lens and through some hurt.  It kept me focused on the dot instead of the white background and all the things that I have been blessed with.  It was easy to get wrapped up in comparison and the need to prove.  
I needed to refocus and look at things through my why, and with gratitude. When I focused on the small black dot it seemed to get bigger and bigger.  I had to step back and see the white canvas, to see the 99%. Refocusing allowed me to wipe the spots off the lens and look at the picture with a better and more accurate view.

Are you focusing on the 1% of the black dot or the 99% of the large white space?  

Once we know our why we have the clarity of vision to see things through the lens of our purpose and to live that action out with intention.  The picture becomes clearer.  It becomes our window and we see the view through the focus of confidence in who we were made to be and our God given potential.

"Each time I feel overwhelmed by disappointments and other demolition in life, I have to shift my focus and remind myself that God has put me here and brought me to this point on purpose, for a purpose." - Jordan Lee Dooley