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Ignite Your Confidence

Digital Academy

In this 5-week online course you will get crystal clear on what is next for you, discover your why, identify what is holding you back, and set action steps to experience the confidence, clarity, and control of redefining your best you!

Are you feeling like you have a lot on your plate and not sure where to focus?  Would you like to discover what your best self authentically looks like, and be clear on what you really want?


What if you could discover the path to get refocused and start to live more intentionally every day?

We as women find ourselves with lots of responsibility and feeling the stress of trying to do it all!

You're not alone.  In my experience working with women who are empty nesters and in great careers - seemingly some of the most confident women out there - surprisingly they are still looking for self-confidence, clear direction, and purpose.


I hear ya! I've been right where you are.


As a professional certified life coach with over 25 years experience, I have seen the confusion and overwhelm, and I have a passion to help you move beyond it.  One of my greatest joys is when I see a women get super clear on who she is, without using her roles, and discover the self-confidence to be her very best.

You see, I have also lived a life of overwhelm and people-pleasing, and trying to do it all. For a long time, I didn't even realize that is what I was doing, but I discovered that the overwhelm comes easily when you are trying to be who you think everyone wants you to be.  

I knew it couldn't last, because I knew I couldn't keep it up.  As a woman in her midlife, and empty nester, I felt that what I did had less of an impact, at least it felt that way.  I was grieving the loss of the activity and noise in the house, and the purpose of my roles.  You see, until I knew the clarity of who I uniquely was, I didn't have the confidence to show up as my best because I wasn't sure who that was anymore.

Once I realized that living my best version of me, who I was designed to be, and not just what I did,  was more important and impactful now than ever before, well, I got to work.

The principles and tools you will learn will help you just as they helped me, to redesign and rediscover who I wanted to be and who I was made to be.  To move from where I was to where I wanted to be.  It is a journey, but it builds as you start moving, and there is never a better time than right now!

A friend shared with me the other day that she didn't think she would be where she is today without taking Ignite Your Confidence.  She took the clarity she discovered and used it as a filter to  live confidently and fearlessly.  That was enough for my heart ... that is what Ignite Your Confidence is all about!

You are in the right place and I know without a double that this course is for you, because whether you have the clarity now or not, you need the confidence to live your best you going foward.

This opportunity is not here for long - don't put it off any longer.  Don't get a year down the road and wish you were had taken the time now, to be your best then.


By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • An awareness of the impact of your past

    The very first step to take in moving forward is to look back!  Kinda sounds backwards doesn't it?  You see, to move in the right direction we need to understand our patterns and behaviours that may have sabotaged past relationships or situations, so we can change them for the future.
  • Understanding on how to conquer the inner language that holds you back.

    Oh, those negative stories we tell ourselves!  You'll not only identify the stories with my help, but you'll be given the tools to change your inner language and shift your limiting beliefs to a growth mindset.
  • The power of choice!

    Do you realize that you have the power to choose how you show up in life each day?  You do! I'll teach you the tools and daily practices that will help you identify the tension that holds you back, recognize how you want to show up, and then create clear and specific action steps to do so.
  • A plan for action behind your dreams.

    How many times have you known in your head, and felt in your heart, where you wanted to go ... but something held you back?  Imagine living out your biggest and boldest dreams.  How would that make you feel? Happy? Excited? Confident? Movement creates confidence ... and guess what?  We'll get the momentum started!
  • Clarity of purpose and confidence.

    Now you will build on the momentum.  No more wondering if you have purpose, or who you are. You will know.  You'll be crystal clear on where you want to go, who you want to be, and how to get there.  You've got this!

Dealing with a high stress job and feeling significantly responsible for staff and clients, I knew I was in the place to take Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy.  It was pivotal in helping me deal with my limiting thinking and stories that were fear based.  It helped me to see that "I am enough and can be who I want to be, even when circumstances made it feel like I was not enough.  Ignite Your Confidence helped me carry on and dig deeper than just a workshop.  In the book of Covid and the chapter I was in, the course helped me feel that I was in the dip and things were wrapping up, right before I pre-launch into something amazing.  After working as a nurse for over 33 years I am excited for what is next and feel that my most important work is yet to come.


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As a recent retiree and empty nester, I was feeling lost.  Janice's infectious personality and the thought of igniting my confidence attracted me instantly. I knew this was exactly what I needed and I am so glad I decided to take this digital academy!  The quality of the course,  lessons, and facebook community inspired me and it was a great way to identify my strengths. I continue to use what I learned every week to grow and move forward.  Thank you for this program and how it helps so many.

- Cheryl, Retiree


I was on the usual life path - work, marriage, and raising amazing kids. I never prioritized ‘ME Time”. I was putting in the work, doing all the right things and so grateful to have a healthy, happy family. What more could I want?  Like most women, I am a nurturer and take care of everyone else first. Through working with Janice I now have a better understanding of who I am, and why – My Purpose! I have a different sense of confidence and recognize the importance of understanding ME so I can be the BEST ME. By practicing daily gratification, goal setting and dreaming BIG, I have discovered that I have so much more to offer to my family, and beyond.

- Lisa, Mortgage Broker


What’s Inside Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy? 


Module 1

Find Your Starting Place

The clearer we are on where we start from, the clearer the direction moving forward becomes. This is where your clarity begins and you do the base work to ignite your confidence!    It begins with a look back at past events and relationships so you can see how the past has impacted you, giving you the clarity on how you want to move forward.

Module Highlights:

To find your unique starting place we will identify:

  • Your Life Map and what major experiences or events impacted or influenced you 
  • Your Core Values, passions, and how they overlap in your unique purpose
  • Getting clear on your why and owning it!
Module 2

Building Your Base

Now that you have identified your starting place and the beauty of the uniqueness of your unique design, let's build on that.  You'll look at how you see your world around you and the impact your mindset and beliefs on the language you use with yourself.  Your voice is the most important one, and it is often the harshest on we hear.

Module Highlights:

In this module we will move from the beliefs that hold us back and shift them to reframe and retrain the stories we tell ourselves.  We want a solid base, one that will carry us forward to where we want to go.  We'll take a look at:

  • The way our  perspective and mindset shape how we see the world around us
  • The power that we not only give our thoughts, but that we can use as well
  • The language we use with ourselves and how to shift, retrain , and reframe it
Module 3

Light Your Fire

Well, you found a great starting place, and you have a strong base to build upon.  Now it's time to light it up!  To use the spark and base you have worked hard to define, and add in what will bring the fire to it.

Module Highlights:

In this pivoting module you'll be given tools that when used, will equip you to not only light your fire of confidence, but to put it into practice.  You'll learn the transformation of 

  • Knowing that you have the choice
  • A grateful and resilient mindset
  • Intention and triggers prompts
  • Practices that will keep you on track



Module 4

Keep The Fire Going

We're not going to just stay there!  When you experience the clarity and the feeling of confidence it brings ... that you can be who you want to be, well, you are just going to want to keep going.  I am still right with you, but now we taking it one step further to make sure you have everything you need to move past what was holding you back, and keep on going!

Module Highlights:

This module is all about taking the next steps and creating movement in igniting your confidence.  You will keep moving on:

  • Setting some audacious dreams and goals
  • Looking at the tensions that were holding you back and moving beyond them
  • Putting clear action into your next steps
  • Creating the movement that will build your confidence and help you be who you wnat to be.



Module 5

Shining It Forward

Your fire is lit, your confidence is ignited, now let's keep it going strong!  Ignite Your Confidence is all about transformation that will help you keep living fearlessly because you have the clarity and confidence you've been missing.

Module Highlights:

This module helps you take the confidence you have lit and shine if forward.  You'll:

  • Create your own unique life purpose statement
  • Have the tools you need to live in alignment with what is most important to you
  • Intention and trigger prompts
  • Learn to live without apology and know your strengths



When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Ignite Your Confidence 

Digital Academy

(A $1297.00 value)


  • 5 Modules

    You get both the information and the tools you will need to move from the confusion of what is next to the clarity of your best you revealed.

  • The knowledge and tools to conquer self-sabotaging language

    We all carry negative scripts with us from our past, but using both the instruction and the tools to shift your mindset will transform how you show up day by day.
  • Worksheets that will help you dig deeper and put into practice what you are learning.

    You'll take your academy experience to a deeper level by using the worksheets provided for a more active learning beyond videos..
  • The freedom to dream bold and life-changing dreams

    We dream safe.  We dream in a way that we can imagine.  You'll change that, You'll dream bigger, and you'll be amazed at what you are capable of accomplishing when you use the skills and talents you had all along!

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Launch Your Confidence


Bonus 1

Private Community

We were never meant to journey alone.  When we walk together and support one another we are stronger individuals that make up a stronger team.

(a $997.00 value)

You’ll Get:

Our private facebook community will help you:

  • See that you are not alone in feelings of overwhelm, loss, and confusion.
  • Give you a community to both give and receive support and encouragement.
  • Dig deeper and get your questions answered in our weekly live videos and Q&As
Bonus 2

Life-time Access

As long as this digital academy is hosted on the site you will have unlimited access to it.  


You’ll Get:

Igniting your confidence is a journey.  Movement builds clarity and confidence, and we want you to keep moving! You will have life-time access to all of the modules and lessons, allowing you to review or listen to them again anytime you need to.

  • Build increased awareness  as you implement lessons
  • Build on previous learning
  • Keep conquering those negative stories and building bigger dreams!
Bonus 3


Not everything is fun to know right away.  I enjoy listening, and surprising with bonuses that will help you have everything you need move from where you are to where you want to be.

Value - well, it's a surprise.  But it''ll blow your socks off! (what you do with your socks after that is up to you ... insert winky face her)

You’ll Get:

Throughout the course I will be surprising you with just what you need in the moment!  You'll find yourself saying, "now how did she know that is what I needed?" ... It fun for me and invaluable for you.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy -  $1,891.00 Value

  • Live Video training and Live Q&As in private facebook community - $997.00 value
  • 5 modules of 34 video lessons with transcription option - $597.00 value
  • Worksheets in lessons to help you go deeper and implement lessons - $297.00 value

Total Value: $1,891.00.00

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1,891.00.00

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

6 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of


Save $45.00!



I know without a doubt that this digital academy will transform your life and help you move to where you want to be and confidently live who you want to be.
I am so confident that I have a money back guarantee.
If you apply these lessons and show me thqat you put the work into it, but are unsatisfied, just let me know within the first 14 days (giving you complete access to the first 2 modules) and you will receive a full refund.  
Honestly I will be surprised that after building awareness of your life map and the impact of your past on your present, and then given the tools to shift your mindset and conquer sabotaging beliefs, that you will even want your money back.

That is how much I believe that this course will ignite your confidence in way that you have been missing!


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Enroll in Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy Today!

6 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of


Save $45.00!


Still thinking about it?

Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You are tired of feeling uncertain about what is next.
  2. You know you hold yourself back but don't know how to stop.
  3. You feel burnt out and overwhelmed trying to figure out your best you.
  4. You have great people-pleasing skills but always end up feeling a lack of confidence.
  5. You have some things you would love to try but don't believe you could.
  6. You know it is time for a change.
  7. You feel a loss from changes in life and don't know what should be next.
  8. You know you want to live with intentional purpose but don't know what that looks like moving forward.

Enroll in Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy Today!

6 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of


Save $45.00!